About Us

Welltop Food Ingredients Sdn Bhd was established since 2003, we have one of the main supplier for food igredients product. We supplies comprehensive range of food ingredients and it caters for domestic and overseas market.

Welltop is manage by a group of experience and dedicated team who managed the company well and have a good understanding of markets where we operate. Our company has been rapidly explored to the food industry especially in Peninsular as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

We have extent our market coverage in term of sourcing of material as well as marketing not just Malaysia but also beyond.

In order to further enhance our market coverage, our company has provided comprehensive delivery channel through our in house representative and also in house distributor network.

With our company mission to be a leading food ingredients supplier in the market we serve, our company have systematic management stricture which divide to 3 main departments of which Purchasing, Marketing, and Logistic.

This 3 department is further supported by Administration & Finance Department. All department are work hard to fulfill our customer and supplier need.

Our Core Product

  • Favorich Cocoa Powder
  • Aalst Chocolate Products
  • Kraft Daily Products
  • Baking Case & Aluminium Tray
  • Food Ingredients
  • Food Chemicals
  • Food Flavoring and Colouring